BRUSSELS (ANA/M.Aroni) --- The living conditions of migrants and refugees on some Greek islands were "unacceptable," European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said on Thursday, replying to questions during a press conference in Brussels on managing migration. The Commission is working on a daily basis with Greek authorities to improve conditions for migrants on the islands, he said. Timmermans also referred to his recent visit to Athens, when he had expressed annoyance about continuing bad conditions on the islands, despite the Commission's significant financial support to Greece.

However, he later acknowledged that the situation was complex because, as he stated, the refugees have legal protection and the right to appeal if they believe their asylum request was rejected unfairly, a process that took time. It was necessary to work step by step to improve the migrants' living conditions on the islands, Timmermans said, noting a need to "redouble our efforts so that the situation improves very soon."