"Every year on June 20 we honour the refugees, the people that were forced to abandon the life they had built and to leave their homes to save their dignity, their values and their life itself," stated Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas in his message on Wednesday in the context of World Refugee Day.

Moreover, the minister noted, "We also honour those that welcomed refugees with understanding and solidarity and offered them another opportunity, shelter and hope for their future in another land. The creation and preservation of a society open and tolerant to diversity adds meaning and depth to the World Refugees Day and does not leave space for xenophobia, extremism and bigotry. The protection of refugees and the offer of relief is a moral and legal duty provided by International Law for both Greece and Europe".

Concluding, Vitsas noted that "the Greek state, based on the values of our people, will steadily continue to do whatever possible for the refugees' relief and the reduction of conflicts, while it will continue to fight for the adoption of joint and comprehensive European policies in addressing the refugees issue."