In an interview with “Les Echos” newspaper, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici stressed that it is necessary to reach an ambitious agreement on the measures for a debt relief for Greece. In view of the Eurogroup that is meeting on Thursday, Mr. Moscovici believes that this is a good opportunity to send a political message.

“Athens and the Institutions have reached a staff-level agreement regarding the latest reforms that need to be implemented, which means that Greece fulfills its commitments. Therefore, its partners should do the same for a debt relief. We all have the strong obligation to smoothly conclude this program, so that we leave these years of the crisis behind,” the Commissioner said. Regarding the future relations between Athens and its former creditors, Mr. Moscovici stressed, “Every program that comes to an end is followed by a supervision mechanism. This happened with Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal.”


Translation: Eleni Gogou