The goal of New Democracy when it becomes government is to cause a development shock in the market through the implementation of a reform programme, main opposition spokesperson Maria Spyraki said on Sunday in an interview with Ethnos newspaper.

This programme can provide jobs focusing on the areas in which Greece has a comparative advantage, such as tourism, agricultural products of high nutritional value, renewable energy sources, product transport infrastructure or the digitization of economic activity and cultural heritage, she said.

Spyraki also accused the government of unreliability, saying that the cut in pensions was imposed after the third memorandum and is another painful sign of the unreliability of the SYRIZA-ANEL government.

Referring to the Prespes Agreement, she said that it was a bad agreement for the Greek interests as our neighbors were given the "Macedonian ethnicity and Macedonian language erga omnes".

She also clarified that ND will not vote for the ratification of the agreement in the parliament.