"The debt relief Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras got is a far cry from the expectations he built up and from the commitments Greece had secured from its partners as far back as 2012," New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday, referring to the Eurogroup decision earlier in the day.

The main opposition leader said ND would table a proposal on Monday for an ex-agenda discussion on the economy. He said that Tsipras "will give account for the tribulations he brought the Greek people and the binding agreements to which he acquiesced for the day after (the adjustment program) in Greece."

Tsipras "cynically avoids talking about two needless memoranda which he burdened Greeks with, and about the generalized austerity and tsunami of taxes for three consecutive years," Mitsotakis said, calling him "impudent and presumptuous, insulting the intelligence of the Greeks, (?) who will be paying for his choices for many years to come."