The Laval Virtual Festival in Northern France, held from 4 to 8 April 2018, celebrates its 20 years of existence. It is the largest event in France that attracts thousands of professional and enthusiasts of new technologies each year. The festival features talks by experts in various domains, round tables, discussions, workshops, business dating, competitions for new startups and students and many parallel events.

More than 300 exhibitors will be present this year including innovative businesses, startups and technology giants such as Microsoft, Dell, Christie, Barco, Immersion and HTC.

This year, the organizers have chosen to focus on art and mixed reality (virtual and augmented) as new technologies inspire many artists who innovate in the art world internationally. Creators use virtual and augmented reality as a new medium and a new way of expression.

There are already tools that allow anyone to paint in virtual reality such as Google Tilt Brush, Google Blocks and Oculus Quill. Many filmmakers combine digital creation and 360 degree videos to create innovative short films. For example, the jury of this year’s Sundance festival received more than 13,000 virtual reality films.

At the same time, the festival hosts the exhibition Recto VRso which presents new forms of art born through virtual and augmented reality. The exhibition is divided into two parts: Recto VRso IN which presents works selected by an international jury composed of art or technology experts. The Recto VRso OFF is a parallel program with works to be exhibited in various parts of the city such as the art museum, the baths and the city’s tourist office.

Finally, the visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the uses of virtual and augmented reality on domains such as health, education, marketing and others.

SOURCE: Realite-Virtuelle