New Democracy (ND) charged on Monday that the brother of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras benefitted from provisions of a law "changed overnight" to avoid trial over a construction project.

"In in 2012, the Diodos engineering company belonging to the Tsipras family attempted to win a public contract for a project worth 1.1 million euros, on the strength of a fake tax certificate. This is why the prime minister's brother, Dimitris Tsipras, was brought to trial," ND's spokeswoman, Eurodeputy Maria Spyraki said.

Referring to a law introduced in April 2015 to reduce jail overcrowding, and to subsequent amendments, she added: "In August 2016, the Paraskevopoulos law changed overnight so that the case against Dimitris Tsipras not be examined in depth."

The main opposition representative added that ND "demands answers on what really happened."