The governor of Alexandria, Mr. Mohammed Sultan, the president of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, Mr. Edmund Kassimatis, and the Consul General of Greece, Emmanuel Kakavelakis held a meeting during which they laid the foundations for the closer cooperation between the Egyptian people and the Greeks of Alexandria. The meeting took place in an exceptionally good tone, and the governor of Alexandria spoke of the millennia-old brotherhood among the two peoples and states, going back to the time of Alexander the Great, and reaching to our own day and age, at which Greek-Egyptian relations are at their political, financial, and business highest. For his part, Mr. Kassimatis greatly thanked Mr. Sultan for the protection and support that the Egyptian State provides to the Egyptian Hellenism, and especially the Hellenism of Alexandria, as well as to the Alexandria Patriarchate.

The Pertouli Fields was for one more year –the institution’s 37th- the site for the Sarakatsanoi meeting, which was dedicated to “the young generation forced to emigrate”. The three-day events began last Friday and concluded on Sunday, with the established Sanctification, greetings and awards ceremony. Meanwhile, a happening on “The proclamation of the Sarakatsanos Kleftarmatolos Captain” was put on, alongside plays and dances from Sarakatsanoi clubs.