There will be a total of nine candidates taking part in the elections on November 5 to select the leadership of a new political party that is currently in the process of being formed with the ambition of unifying Greece's splintered centre-left scene, the Alivizatos Committee that is organising the election announced on Friday.

By the time the deadline set by the Committee had expired, the following candidates had been nominated: Fofi Gennimata, Stavros Theodorakis, Georgios Kaminis, Nikos Androulakis, Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, Yiannis Maniatis, Yiannis Ragousis, Konstantinos Gatsios and Apostolos Pontas.

The Committee will wait until September 23 for the nine candidates to submit the 1,000 signatures required for their candidacy to be confirmed, something that Gennimata had already done by Friday morning.