Unknown perpetrators have caused considerable damage to the wagon-restaurant a part of the legendary «Orient Express», dating back to 1900, which is currently one exhibits of the Railway Museum of Thessaloniki, located in Kordelio district.

This particular wagon was part of the original «Orient Express», which traveled from Paris to Istanbul, the original endpoints of the timetabled service since 1883, was the shooting location of hundreds of films and inspired famous crime fiction writer Agatha Christie.

«The perpetrators ripped out anything that was made of copper, they took off the lighting fittings , even the iron plates» stated Yannis Giannakoudis, General Secretary of the Association «Friends of the Railroad of Thessaloniki» (AFRTh).

The Railway Museum (OSE) of Thessaloniki has been operating since 2001 under the auspices of the Association «Friends of the Railroad of Thessaloniki» (AFRTh) and includes a rare collection of exhibits, telegrams, military uniforms of officers and railway workers’ uniforms, tickets and other items related to the Greek railway history.


Translation: Angeliki Dervou