After three consecutive meetings on the sidelines of the EU-Western Balkans Summit, Prime Ministers Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev, respectively, confirmed that there is significant progress in the negotiations, but there is still a long way to go for an agreement.

Prime Minister Tsipras stressed that the Greek side remains firm in its positions and spoke of difficult and complex negotiations, saying that it would be desirable from all sides to reach an agreement before the EU summit in late June.

“We are seeking solutions to all the critical issues, without altering our red lines”, said the Prime Minister, adding that the name should give a message separating Greek Macedonia and its history from the neighboring country that was created much later.

For his part, the Prime Minister of FYROM, at a press conference following his meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, said that a specific proposal was made during the discussions, around which there will now be consultations in both Athens and Skopje.