As the Athens Festival nears its end, Catalan choreographer Pere Faura introduces to the Greek audience Sweet Fever, a play which is part of the Sweet Suites trilogy. Pere Faura is known for how his work incorporates pop culture elements and rephrases them in profoundly theatrical form. “Sweet Fever” is a looped choreography that starts out with the emblematic “Fever Night” dance from the “Saturday Night Fever”.

Faura’s choreography starts out faithfully reproducing the original choreography, which it eventually fully distorts, through a series of gradual changes. The show’s dialectic brings together a variety of theatrical elements, videos, music, lighting and more. Faura reinterprets and a famous choreography into a ritualistic, ecstatic journey that ironically looks at the constant hunt for pleasure, by juxtaposing the false happiness of the representation of dance on the big screen to the physical pleasure of the real experience. Towards that, there are no seats available for the show’s audience, members of which watch the performance standing, so they can also dance. In that context, a disco party will be following the performance!

Where: BIOS
When: July 16-17

You can watch videos from the show here.