The finance ministry recalled a permit for paying use of the beach by popular restaurant Nammos on the island of Myconos after the owners built a platform and a ramp for a large outdoor concert held this summer, preventing public access to the sea.

The ministry's secretariat general of public assets said the July 11, 2017 lease between the regional directorate of the public assets of the Aegean Islands and Nammos Restaurant by the Sea company was recalled "for non-compliance" of the contract terms through the "placement of a platform and a rectangular ramp, consisting of a metal base and a wooden floor totalling 236,40 sqm on August 31, 2017 for a social event."

In the decision the ministry also said that the purpose of the lease was "for simple use of the public seashore and beach, and specifically for the placement of umbrellas and deck chairs over an area of 339.60 sqm."