Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been in Chicago since Friday evening; on the weekend, he met with Greek-American and American businessmen, investors, Greek expatriate associations and American officials. During these meetings, PM Tsipras stressed that Greece is leaving behind not only the crisis, but also the model that led to it. “We are strengthening our geostrategic position as a pillar of stability, security and cooperation in our region”, he said. He also underlined that US support was crucial for Greece, as it helped the latter to cope with the crisis and is still needed to overcome the crisis once and for all.

During his meetings with Greek expatriates, Mr. Tsipras said that he was proud to be the first Greek Prime Minister to visit Chicago and stressed that the support from Greeks abroad is crucial for attracting investments in Greece. On Monday afternoon, the Greek Premier will travel to Washington, where he will meet with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, while on Tuesday he is expected to meet with US President Donald Trump.


Translation: Eleni Gogou