The 48-hour leave granted to Dimitrios Koufodinas, leader of the terrorist organization “17th of November” has triggered strong reactions.

“The ideological father of terrorism is now free” was the statement of Ms. Dora Bakoyannis,  New Democracy MP and former wife of governor Pavlos Bakoyannis who was murdered by the terrorist organization back in 1989.

Reactions have also been sparked outside the Greek border with the State Department expressing the US “deep concern”, while Turkey accuses Athens of showing tolerance to a “bloodthirsty terrorist”.

For his part, Justice Minister Mr. Stavros Kontonis stated that the leave was not the government’s decision but one of the competent judicial body. The Minister also stressed that granting a leave is by no means an act of approval while at the same time he reiterrated that an important element of the rule of law is the application of laws to everyone.