The discussions regarding the Greek issue in Monday’s EuroGroup meeting were held in a positive climate.

Head of the Eurogroup Mr. Mario Centeno spoke of “particularly good news” for Greece, confirming that only two of the 110 prerequisites of the third evaluation remain open, the completion of which is not government-dependent.

It is the promotion of investment in the “Hellenikon” and the implementation of electronic auctions on a pan-hellenic scale, issues that are pending due to technical reasons and the verification of their implementation is a matter of days, as was explained by the Ministry of Finance.

The head of the Eurogroup noted that as soon as the Institutions confirm the completion of the last prerequisites, the procedures for approving the disbursement of the $ 5.7 billion will begin.

As Mr Centeno said, it is now time to move on to the next stage, reminding that the technical discussions on debt relief have already begun.