The Archaeological Museum of Chania is a co-organizer of the Orange Water 3 International Contemporary Art Festival, hosting a visual arts exhibition from October 15-28.

The Festival bridges the cultures of Greece and the Netherlands, including painting and sculpture exhibitions, video projections and installations by prominent Greek, Dutch and other artists. Artists participating in the “Reflections of Origin” exhibition include: Ad Arma, Apostolis Zolotakis, Truus van den Heuvel, Frans Horbach, Katerina Kaloudi, Nikos Basias, Tita Bonatsou, Mohammed Quraiseh, Eugenia Koumantarou, Yannis Markantonakis, Gert van Oortmerssen, Spyridoula Politi, Henk Puts, Yiota Skarveli, Mark Verdoes, Barbara De Vries, Apostolos Fanakidis, Digna Weis.

In 2015 and 2016, the Orange Water Festival 91 artists exhibited at 21 major art venues and museums, under the auspice of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and the Dutch Embassy. In 2017, Orange Water 3 began its course at the Santorini Arts Festival, before heading out on a journey to the rest of Greece. It features collaborations with visual platforms such as: Focus Europa (Germany), Bildrecht (Austria), and t-short (Greece).

Where: Archaeological Museum of Chania
When: October 15 – 28; 8:00am-8:00pm (Tuesday-Sunday), 1:00pm-8:00pm (Monday)

Opening: Sunday 15 October at 20:30

You can follow the Festival’s social media here.