The representatives of the news agencies participating in the "World Government Summit" held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from February 11 to February 13 signed a declaration, in which they stressed the importance of the main topics of the Summit and promoting global understanding.

The declation was signed in accordance with the following principles.

"First, we recognize the importance of the World Government Summit 2018 and the key issues discussed therein in shaping the future of the world and the role of the media in developing the right tools through the provision of technologies, while supporting the media content industry for the benefit of humanity.

Second, the signatories of the declaration believe that the outcome of the Global Dialogue for Happiness held as part of the World Government Summit deserves the attention of the media in an effort to link happiness with the agenda of governments.

Third, we have agreed to enhance the media content associated with Artificial Intelligence, that is using media tools to raise the level of such content and to highlight the global success in the use of Artificial Intelligence in the service of humanity, based on its positive impact in protecting the planet and creating new economies and efficiency.

We further agree to explore the future of the use of Artificial Intelligence in information, health and education and to work on ways of transferring, disseminating and documenting creative initiatives in these sectors so as to benefit from them at a global level.

Fourth, to develop an integrated media system to deal with issues related to climate change so as to reduce its negative impact on natural resources with regards to future generations and to advocate the adoption of green technologies in various fields, especially those of clean and renewable energy, as well as to raise awareness among all members of society about environmental issues.

Fifth, to shed light on all global efforts related to the latest developments in space research around the world and the development of space technologies on Earth, highlighting the role played by space science in facilitating knowledge about the universe, understanding its laws and mechanisms, and answering fundamental questions about its nature.

Sixth, supporting issues related to youth in all their aspects, to enhance their participation in decision-making and the drawing up of future plans, addressing youth in a language and media content that fits with the nature of their aspirations and ways of thinking.