The Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas is a new theme park that will be open from  November 3 to February 3 at the exhibition space HELEXPO in Athens. According to Helexpo’s managing director Kyriakos Pozkrikidis, 50.000 students have altready booked their visit. HELEXPO together with the creative team Dream Workers are participating with the Athens School of Fine Arts, in order to offer a unique experience to the park’s visitors.

For three months, young and older visitors will have the opportunity to board the Express of Dreams, also known as the “Train that Goes Everywhere,” to meet the heroes and the imaginary lands of the Greek storyteller.

The secret workshop of Frangiskos the prickly pear, the famous inventor of Fruitopia, the fragrant but vulnerable flower-house that the three little wolves build, the haunted castle of the witch Frikantela, who steals the voices of children singing carols and the legendary pastry shop of Lihoudistan, are some of the imaginary tales that come alive in this original fairy-tale park.

Speaking of his creations and the process of creation itself, Mr. Trivizas said: “Childhood tales touch us deeper, affect us more and sometimes accompany us for a lifetime … It is impressive to see an idea that was created in an office to become  three-dimensional, “he added.

At the fairytale Park there will be some of Trivizas’ personal items, such as his first typewriter, that makes “strange sounds”, as well as a musical doll he played with when he was a little … “They are cheap objects that have an enormous emotional value for me. It’s hard to put a price on memories” the storyteller said.

At the theme park, teachers, artists and animators take on the role of tour guides, interpreting the favorite characters of the storyteller’s books, aspiring to offer through games, activities, puzzles and songs, an interactive experience for all visitors.