The largest interdisciplinary science meeting in Europe will take place from the 9 to 14 of June 2018 at the Federal University of Toulouse, in France. Created in 2004 by EuroScience, the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a professional international forum gathering more than 4000 participants, researchers, students, educators, business actors, social actors, policy makers, science writers and journalists from all over the world. This year, the Forum’s motto is “Sharing Science: Towards new horizons”.

ESOF’s aim in 2018 is to promote a new way of thinking and networking in order to make science not only more open and efficient to address major threats, diseases, environmental or societal challenges, but also more responsible, fair and ethical.

ESOF 2018 features conferences that span a number of disciplines, geographical areas and countries, generations, academia, institutions and industries, as well as policy makers and society at large. A special focus will be put on social actors and their role in science and in science policy.

The biennial multidisciplinary event covers a large range of topics, from health to transportation, to environmental changes to new trends in business and research in a global world. Major scientific and societal issues such as “Frontier research”, “Health in our societies”, “Sustainable cities and living”, “Digital world”, “New technologies in transport”, “Climate change”, “Science policy and transformation of research practice”, “Social utility of researchers”, “Science and Entrepreneurship” will be discussed by experts and a broad-ranging audience.

The city of Toulouse, also the “European City of the Year”, also hosts the “Science in the city festival” which is open for the public.

For the full programme, you can visit the Forum’s official website.