An unlooted tomb of a prominent woman was discovered in Sikinos, during the restoration work of the Episkopi Monument that the Ministry of Culture and Sports has carried out together with the Cyclades Ephorate of Antiquities, since 2017. It is a well preserved mausoleum of late antiquity, that was later transformed into a Byzantine temple and an impressive palimpsest of antiquity and medieval times, considered unique in Greece.

The tomb was placed in a blind spot in the underground of the monument, so that it could be spared the pillage and the grave looters. The wealth of the jewelry the woman wore, indicates that she was a prominent figure in Sikinos society. The first estimates lead to the conclusion that the impressive mausoleum was erected to house the tomb of this woman. Also, an up-until-now funereal inscription discovered at the monument, cites the name “NeikO” – spelled Νεικώ, in Greek.