The Smile of the Child provided support to 61,700 children and their families in the first half of the year, the charity group said on Wednesday.

"With daily and uneven battles and the active support of the community, businesses and our volunteers, we managed to support 61,700 children and their families, directly, in a holistic way, with dignity. Children in danger, children with serious health problems, children with survival problem, found a solution with quality and care, and not just opportunism" said president Konstantinos Yannopoulos.

"We are working with institutional groups. However, for one more time, we are requesting from the state and relevant organisations for them to use us, to take advantage of our facilities, experience and our people. As a society, we will not meet the large challenges, cover the needs of the children and their families if we do not work together. This is a one way road and the longer we don't realise this, then we will remain accountable to the children in need," he said.