A Supreme Court justice was punished for tardiness in issuing rulings with the withholding of two months of his pay, it was announced Thursday.

The Supreme Disciplinary Council imposed the fine on the judge, whose delay in issuing 132 decisions resulted in two of them being written off after their statute of limitations expired.

Of the outstanding decisions, 28 date to 2012, when he was still the chief appeals judge of Piraeus. Protests had been lodged by lawyers by the then head of the Supreme Court, Vassiliki Thanou, who requested in a series of letters a speeding up of the decisions.

Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis is also inititating disciplinary proceedings against him through the Council.

When asked by the Council to explain, the Supreme Court judge attributed the delays to "an inexplicable and persistent loss of strength, whose cause could not be medically diagnosed with certainty."

The Council found his explanations vague and his medical documentation dated after the disciplinary process, and imposed the fine in consideration of his being one year away from retiring. The salary of two months will be withheld in eight monthly installments.

The Council's dissenting minority objected to the fine as being too light and said that he should have been suspended from duty for three months.