In a meeting of the Central Committee of SYRIZA, party leader and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to suggest the election of a new Secretary General of the Central Committee. Government sources state that, following the party procedures, the issue of the government reshuffle will be put on the table, so that the government responds in the best way possible to the challenges and necessities of the new era, as three elections (municipal elections, European Parliament elections and national elections) are expected within one year.

In his speech at the International Fair of Thessaloniki next week, the Prime Minister is expected to present the main points of the government plan, laying out the government policy under the new conditions.

The new plan will include measures for the support of citizens heavily afflicted by the crisis, measures for the support and protection of salaried employment, initiatives for the improvement of the investment environment, as well as institutional breakthroughs, such as the constitutional revision.