The Tech for Good Explorers is an educational program implemented in France and aimed at IT and engineering students. The schools participating in this program, motivate their students to work on solving a digital challenge for a social work organization. This program was established by the French association Latitudes in May 2017 and aspires to encourage students by showing them that often a social challenge can be hidden behind a technological one. So far, 150 students from six universities participate in a total of 30 projects.

The program’s founders future objective is to establish an open source pedagogical approach that can be adopted by more schools. They are actively looking for new partners to build on their experience in developing new technologies that serve the public interest. At the same time, they want to export the program to other countries in order to contribute to a global trend of change where new technologies can be seen as a way to solve some of society’s problems.

Two of the projects that the students have worked on are Reconnect and Entourage.

Reconnect is an online storage and sharing platform to boost social care. A social worker can create an account for a homeless person, scan and upload his official documents on the platform. This process can even be done out on the street via an application. To date, 400 homeless accounts have been created. The next goal is to translate the application into nine languages in total so that migrants can also use it.

The Entourage application connects people to each other in order to motivate them to create a social circle for the homeless people that are in their neighborhood. The application was developed with the help of homeless people and social workers.