Following the success of its two previous performances, “At the diving board’s edge” and “Kindergarten”, the Amalgama dance group continues to draw its inspiration from psychoanalysis, as well as the social and gendered reality. Its new project, entitled “The Castle’s Jewel,” takes a step towards the notion of family and a person’s deepest anxiety to belong “somewhere”, as opposed to just being “someone “.

This is again an interactive work, parts of which will be performed or resolved through the audience’s participation, as a man of 40 years of age or older will take part each night in the performance, without ever rehearsing the material.

The amalgam team was founded by Maria Gorgia in 1996 in London, and took part in the International Resolutions Festival of 1997. 21 choreographies and 19 productions of the team have been presented in Greece, New York, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus.

Concept-Choreography-Direction-Scenography: Maria Gorgia
Dancers: Maria Gorgia, Theofanis Kavalas, Pavlos Lautaris, Yannis Spanos, Sania Stribakou.

Where: Amalgama, 45 Menandrou street, Athens
When: September 19-October 14, Friday-Sunday, 9:15 pm

Admission is free; any financial contribution is optional.
Reservations required by phone, at 6944686991.

More information is available here and here.