The government supports healthy entrepreneurship that respects labour relations, workers' rights and the law but says no to the "parasitic and predatory behavior" of entrepreneurs who, after decades of devouring state funds, are now shutting down their Greek businesses, leaving people without jobs and squirreling their money abroad, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday.

Addressing workers at the Thrace Plastics company in the prefecture of Xanthi, Tsipras said that the government supports extroverted businesses that also invest in research, innovation, new technology and human resources. Tsipras described "Thrace Plastics" as a model company for healthy entrepreneurship.

The prime minister paid particular attention to labour relations, saying the government is combatting undeclared work and pointing to the large fines imposed on businesses that do not comply with the law.

Tsipras was given a tour of the company's facilities and spoke with the workers. He praised the owner of the company Constantinos Chalioris on the model units he has created and for his insistence on remaining in Greece.