Eurogroup president Mario Centeno appeared optimistic over the future of the Greek economy in an interview with the Saturday edition of "Nea" newspaper adding that Greece is getting into a new phase during which it will have more freedom to adjust its policies according to the Greek people's wishes. It will also offer the opportunity to the country to focus on other policy issues.

Greece will now see the credibility of its policies in relation with the stock markets, said Centeno adding that "the major challenge is Greece to prove that it is in position to build a strong economy that supports the social policies and is strong in all the economic and political circles".

However, he pointed out that "It is a new phase in which is important to avoid the mistakes of the past and all alternative solutions should be thoroughly examined before implemented".

Centeno said that Greece has now a much more open economy than it had eight years ago. "This does not only make Greece more vulnerable in the international trends but it also increases the potentials and the growth possibilities along with the room for manoeuvre.

He called the debt "manageable" considering the relief measures agreed in June's Eurogroup adding that the enhanced supervision is expected to last until 2022. "The institutions can help Greece settle its policies in order the restored credibility in the markets to be maintained. They will also contribute in the tracing of possible risks. Today, I am much more optimistic over Greece's future" he concluded.