In the joint statements after US President Donald Trump’s meeting with the Greek Prime Minister and their meeting with both countries’ delegations, Mr. Trump said that the discussion with the Greek Premier was particularly fruitful and constructive. He confirmed the high level of the bilateral relations and underlined his support to Greece “for a reliable debt relief”, adding that Greece offers “tremendous opportunities for US investments”. On his part, Mr. Tsipras underlined the common interests of the US and Greece, as well as the strategic partnership that is “based on mutual respect and is fed by the US support for Greece’s exit from the crisis”.

On Wednesday, the last day of Greek PM’s five-day visit to the US, Mr. Tsipras will meet with US Vice-President Mike Pence, and will attend a working lunch with businessmen. His tour in the US will be concluded with him addressing Brookings Institution.


Translation: Eleni Gogou