"It is the end of the Greek crisis, Greece is turning a page and has all the requirements needed to tap the markets and show strong growth," Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said after the agreement reached in the Eurogroup, adding that the government will never forget the difficulties that the Greek people experienced in the eight-year period of the crisis.

"The Greek people will soon see the impact of this agreement in their everyday life," Tsakalotos said, adding that this is the government's promise for the future.

"The agenda is changing and there is greater policy flexibility, he noted, saying that the level of austerity would be gradually reduced either through tax cuts or by increased spending. "The agenda is changing and the political system has to change, we can move into a new period with much more constructive debates and confrontations," he said.

At a press conference with Alternate Finance Minister George Chouliarakis, Tsakalotos stressed that "we can look at the period after August 21 with optimism."

Especially for debt, he said that it is now sustainable and that Greece can now access the markets. On his part, Chouliarakis said that the process of exiting austerity has started and "we will now begin to see the results of this enhanced credibility".