On Sunday, October 23, Booze Cooperativa presents Angela Lamprianidou and the performance “You want to be the person you are?”

Τhe performance is the result of the eight-day workshop “Appointment on Stage” a choreographic rendezvous with others and an encounter with oneself. Four performers of different generations experiment speaking in five different languages.

They experience and acknowledge the body as a feeling-thinking unity. “I trust you to be the dance, the kiss, the moi”. This acceptance by the individual turns into a composition in which there is an interpretive dancing without kissing and a kissing without documentation.

Through this performance both dancers and audience have a chance to discover their inner self and redefine their body “I want to be the person I am. Am I the person I want to be?”

Choreography/concept/text: Angela Lamprianidou
Dancers: Christina Gazi, Ioanna Kerassopoulou, Paola Drey, Yiota Tselenti
Vocals: Marie Séférian
Music/Sounds: Paul Rose
Video/Photography: Alexandra Masmanidi

Location: Booze Terminal-Stage, 57 Kolokotroni St. (Metro: Monastiraki)
Date: Sunday October 23, 2016
Time: 08.00 p.m.
Duration: 45 min.
Tickets: 8€
Reservations: 6950686277 (15.00-20.00 daily)
Limited number of seats available