As the transfer of migrants continues on the mainland, efforts are being made to address the increased immigration flows to the islands until the new asylum law is fully implemented. Meanwhi,e reactions from residents and local authorities are escalating.

This morning, at 6.30 am, the residents of the neighboring village of Chalkios, closed the road leading to the Vial Reception and Identification Center in Chios, demanding the Center’s shutdown whose population has reached 5,000. The result of the blockade was that the workers could not reach the Center.

Yesterday in Giannitsa, residents attempted to block buses carrying 150 people to a hotel in the area.

This morning, the ferry boat NISSOS SAMOS arrived at the port of Piraeus, carrying 46 refugees and immigrants from Mytilene and 151 from Chios. Another arrival at the Piraeus port this morning, was that of  the BLUE STAR 2 passenger ferry, which carried 25 refugees and immigrants from Kos and 62 from Leros. Migrants and refugees are being transferred to the country’s host structures.