The Labillusions Artists Association, in collaboration with the OLVIO Theater, present the 2nd Athens Suitcase Theater Festival from 15th to 30th September 2018.

The Festival began in 2015, with great success, both in terms of public participation and the high level of performances.

The Suitcase Theater focuses on the dominant presence of the actor and the limited means he uses. It highlights the value of abstraction and unnecessary data, by placing the interpretation on center stage, while integrating the concept of travel, both real and metaphorical.

The Athens Suitcase Theater Festival gradually aims at acquiring an international character with the participation of foreign artists and groups and wishes to create a framework for meaningful dialogue amongst artists and the public.

The festival program features theater performances, clowns and magic shows for children. The participating theater troupes are small and with flexible productions that … “fit in a suitcase”.

More information about the program at:

Where: Olvio Theatre

(67 Iera Odos & Falaisiou, tel: 210 341 4118).