A large mosaic “magic carpet” was put on Thursday on the outside wall of the Municipal Theatre of Lesvos. It is a beautiful symbol of unity and memory at the heart of the city, a gift from volunteers who have been assisting refugees and from refugees themselves that have been or are still living on Lesvos island and wish to leave their mark in the city.

The project was organized and executed by mosaic artist Kalliopi Kalaitzidou and the famous French mosaic artist Valerie Nikoladze, in cooperation with a team of ten volunteers from various countries and around 40 refugees from countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burundi, Egypt, etc. Participants made one or more mosaic squares depicting their culture, as well as elements of Lesvos’ culture. In the end, these squares were put together and formed a “magic carpet”, a mosaic of people and cultures.