“Nothing is predetermined. We are the ones who can determine our future, not those who led the country to bankruptcy. Hope and perspective will defeat arrogance”, stressed Alexis Tsipras from Eleftherias Square in Heraklion, Crete, affirming his confidence that the Cretans will not only bring victory once again to the whole of Crete, but they will also pave the way for radical change across Greece.

Mr. Tsipras criticized severely ND regarding the “Macedonian” issue talking about “political fraudsters” and “hypocrites”. “We dared with bravery and patriotism and opened roads where nobody else dared. With the historic Prespes Agreement, that restores our history, the history of Ancient Greek Macedonia and puts an end to irrationality and nationalism”, he said.

He accused Mr. Mitsotakis for wanting to avoid the debate on the political programs and focused, among other things, on his opponent’s health insurance plan. Mr. Tsipras raised the question why ND wants to reopen this issue, to which he answered: “Because they have already made a deal with big private insurance companies to sell the supplementary insurance and to give billion to individuals to manage them and like in the past, gamble in the stock market”.

Mr. Tsipras concluded his speech by inviting the candidates running with the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in Heraklion, on stage.