“The big national wager for day after, is to not let the recent sacrifices of the people go to waste. This battle can be won if the necessary measures are taken now, with a plan and foresight in mind”, stressed Alexis Tsipras in the presentation of Syriza’s program titled #MenoumeOrthioi, (Staying on our feet), which includes a package of “immediate, costed and realistic measures” that deal with the effects of the pandemic on businesses and employees.

“We must act in a timely manner. We have to act now. Let’s not fall from Skyla to Charybdis, that is, to go from the pandemic to the economic collapse. Greece has the ability to spend without increasing its borrowing, because it has 10% of GDP from which it can draw”, said the opposition leader.

Among the measures Alexis Tsipras proposed, is the funding of the NHS with 1 billion euros, the extension of the protection of primary residence, a large package of 8.5 billion euros to keep employees, freelancers and self-employed afloat, and the freezing of debt and bank liabilities for as long as the crisis lasts.

SYRIZA president also stressed that the Greek State should be ready to do whatever is necessary to save the strategic importance of large companies that may be in danger during the crisis, clarifying that it will need to acquire a stake similar to that of its intervention.