The Athens and Epidaurus Festival’s artistic director, Vangelis Theodoropoulos, and the director of the Iranian Centre for Dramatic Arts, Mehdi Shafiei, have recently met at Tehran’s Theater Centre, where the Fajr International Theater Festival’s performances are staged. There, they signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which will set the stage for future collaborations between the two institutions. Also discussed during the meeting were plans for the Fajr Festival to feature performances by Greek directors.

Calling the memorandum a valuable agreement, Mr. Theodoropoulos stressed the importance of expanding cultural relations with Iran. At the same time, he made a point of highlighting the significant, active role of women in contemporary Iranian art, mentioning the example of Afsaneh Mahian, whose performance was included in the 2017 Athens and Epidaurus Festival’s program.

Attending the event were Dimitris Alexandrakis, Ambassador of Greece to Iran; Tzortzina Kakoudaki, Head of the Epidaurus Lyceum and of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival’s Educational Programs Department; Katerina Mpalamoti, Hellenic Foundation for Culture’s representative in Tehran; Nikos Doukas, head of the Greek Embassy’s office for commercial and financial affairs; and representatives of the Fajr Festival.