From the step of the UN General Assembly Alexis Tsipras emphasized the need for effective international response to the refugee and migration crisis on the basis of international law.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Greece promotes all necessary reforms in order to regain the confidence of the markets and he once more asked for a solution to the debt issue, which will contribute to a sustainable development model.

In an interview of his with the Wall Street Journal, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras estimates that the second evaluation will be completed by the end of October, while the debt-relief measures will have been clarified by the end of year.

The Prime Minister also referred to Greece’s participation in the European Central Bank quantitative easing program, stressing that such a development would be a “key” for attracting investment.

Calling on Europe to honor their commitment and to help Greece in managing the refugee and migration flows despite any political cost, the Prime Minister reiterated that Germany is Greece’s most important ally and added that European governments should not succumb to xenophobia and extremism.