In an interview to state broadcaster ERT1, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that he will visit the President of the Republic on Monday, June 10, and that the national elections will be held on  July 7. Mr. Tsipras also announced that on the last day of the parliamentary term, the government will table a draft law to abolish the tax-free threshold from 1/1/2020, and invited Mr. Mitsotakis to vote for it, since he has stated that he agrees with it.

What is at stake in these elections, is the future of the country if we have a government with SYRIZA at its core which will continue implementing positive measures or a government that will take the country backwards.

Mr. Tsipras said that the dissatisfaction of the middle class expressed in the European elections was justified and said that SYRIZA had a concrete plan for the middle class while he accused ND of appearing as a savior when its previous governments are the ones that plundered it.

The prime minister appeared confident that the outcome of the European elections could be overturned and invited the New Democracy leader to review his stance and accept to participate in a televised debate with him in order to give citizens the opportunity to learn more about their programs, evaluate and compare them.