In an interview at ANT1’s central news bulletin, SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras initially stressed that the country’s great weakness is the National Health System (ESY) and called on the government to provide practical support.

Alexis Tsipras said he considered it “unthinkable” to have “huge shortages of medical protection for the people who are fighting on the frontline at the public hospitals”, several weeks after the first coronavirus case, and called for the hiring of permanent staff.

He also called for thousands of tests to be carried out in the near future, as recommended by the World Health Organization, in order to have an idea of ​​how many should remain in quarantine and what cases could be suspicious.

As for the economy, he said it was a national duty “not to waste the sacrifices we made to get out of the memoranda.”

The former PM stressed that in relation to other countries, Greece has the great advantage of being able to use resources from the security “cushion” of 37 billion euros, a legacy left by the SYRIZA government and pointed out that part of it must be used in order “to prevent the dangers and vicissitudes on a national level”.