“When the people will have to decide whether we will continue forward together, despite any mistakes and omissions, or we will go back to the dark days, their decision will be clear,” stressed Alexis Tsipras in an interview he gave to the ERT3 journalists Georgia Lotsopoulou and Vasilis Peklaris, while he also expressed his conviction that SYRIZA will win the elections.

“The Greek people have not yet said their last word. At the European elections, they wanted to send a message of dissatisfaction, because even though they credit us with the fact that we have exited the Memoranda, at the same time, they charge us for taking too much time to do so and it took a lot of extra effort. We got the message”, said the Prime Minister and President of SYRIZA in order to emphasize that now the people will have to decide about their future and their lives.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned Turkey to not even think about conducting drilling in Kastellorizo, noting that Greece has a plan and will prevent any drilling on the Greek continental shelf.

“Greece is not going to allow drilling in our continental shelf. End of story. We have a plan and we will prevent this from happening. They should not even consider such a plan that brutally violates our sovereign rights”, he said when questioned about the Greek-Turkish issue.