The site of Aiane, the ancient settlement and great necropolis, is revealed in all its glory, giving the history of Macedonia a new dimension.

The extensive excavation brought to light proof of a significant, organized town since the 6th century BC, long before Philip II who is mentioned at the written sources as the founder of cities in Upper Macedonia.

The era in which the city prospered is placed in the classical and Hellenistic times, and all data indicates that Aeane became very early the capital of the ancient province of Elimeia. The importance of its position is also confirmed by its very early and long-term habitation, which dates back to the Neolithic period, in the 5th BC millennium, with continuity in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

More than 90% of the archaeological site is restored and is now open to visitors.

“Aeane is a place of special archaeological interest and natural beauty and the consolidation and restoration work was necessary as the first remains were unearthed in 1983” stated the Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Kozani, Ms. Areti Hondroyannis – Metokis.