“Greek Rituals: A Sensitive Experience” invites visitors to activate their senses and discover the relationship ancient Greeks had with their gods, at the Saint-Raymond Museum in Toulouse until March 25, 2018.

“We wanted to show how the ancient Greeks used all their senses to communicate with their gods. This exhibition uses smell and touch”. Visitors have the possibility to touch the ingredients and the specially dyed fabrics, “says Evelyne Ugaglia, director of the Museum.

The exhibition is divided into four major categories and moments in the life of ancient Greeks: marriage, sacrifice, banquet and funeral. Each section contains objects, ingredients and music scores that aim at stimulating the visitors’ senses.

For this highly ritualized exhibition, the visitors can listen to texts by Sappho, the famous poet of the sixth century BC, smell scented products used by the bride or enjoy honey and sesame cakes. They can try the makeup powders and creams or touch the fabrics that are dyed with saffron that the ancient brides wore.

For this exhibition, the Louvre and the Etruscan National Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome have lent some of the rare objects exhibited. Meanwhile, a music specialist found ancient scores to immerse visitors in the musical atmosphere of the time and a scientist has brought his knowledge to find the plants that were closest to what ancient Greeks used.

This exhibition is the result of meticulous research work on texts by academics to reconstruct the richness and diversity of these ancient rituals.