Valuable evidence for the sea voyages and objects of trade and sailors of the Roman period were brought to light by the scientists of the second underwater research mission in the sea area of ​​Kasos, in the Dodecanese.

The mission was carried out by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture between September 23 and October 14, 2020, under the direction of archaeologists Xanthi Argyris and Georgios Koutsouflakis.

Speaking to ERT South Aegean, Xanthi Argyri revealed that “this is the first time we find amphorae from Spain and North Africa, which probably transported oil to Rhodes or the coasts of Asia Minor in a shipwreck that occurred in the dry areas of region 200 or 300 years AD “.

Ms. Argyri expressed the certainty that other shipwrecks will be found at the point already mapped, something that has already been confirmed by previous missions that brought to light a shipwreck of the classical period that transported wine from Halkidiki in 400 BC and another which happened in 100 BC.

The  process of cleaning the findings in the Laboratories of the Ephorate Office of Underwater Antiquities is being completed and immediately after their study they will be returned to Kasos, where in cooperation with the Municipality they will be housed in the first phase until a way is found to be permanently exposed.

As Ms Argyris said “This research is part of a three-year program ending in 2021.” The next research project will include a state-of-the-art seabed detection machine, without divers  that will give us possible wreck points both on the surface and at the bottom, “