The Onassis Cultural Centre welcomes 2018 with a three-day event screening the best animated films from Animasyros 10. This year’s initiative includes three BestOf programs from the official Animasyros 10 selection, featuring animation pictures for children, teens and adults, an educational workshop for children 8-12 years old, as well as the greatly anticipated Athens premiere of “The Ox”, attended by director Giorgos Nikopoulos.

The younger generations of moviegoers are Animasyros’s honoured guests, thanks to two hourly compilations full of colour and emotion, one intended for children 6+ years old (featuring little or no dialogue) and one for the whole family.

Combining high technical and visual achievement, award-winning short films from all over the world introduce animation’s vibrant modern scene through a two-hour selection of films that were distinguished in the latest Animasyros. Among them are “L’Ogre” (The Monster), “O Matka!” (Mother!) and “Aenigma”, which won the three main awards of the Festival (at the International, Student and Greek section, respectively), as well as the much-talked about “Min Börda” (My burden) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, “fresh” after its 2017 Best Animation award win at the newly introduced Emile Awards.

The screenings schedule culminates in the screening of “The Ox”, Giorgos Nikopoulos’s first feature film, which is also the first animation film to compete in the official program of the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

At the Onassis Cultural Centre, young moviegoers don’t just watch cartoons -they learn how to make their own during a three-day animation workshop that aims to acquaint children with different animation and cut-out techniques through their participation in the process of making a complete science fiction film. The workshop is intended for children 8-12 years old.

Admission to Animasyros screenings is free with admission tickets which will be distributed an hour prior to each event. Participation in the workshop requires a €27 payment, which includes access to all three meetings. For reservations and additional information, please call +30 213 017 8002, or e-mail [email protected].

The animasyros program at the Board was attended by Maria Anestopoulou, Director of Animasyros, and Thodoris Karamanolis, Program Director of the Festival.

For more information, including a schedule of the screenings, click here and here.