Turkey’s provocative actions to send out again the Oruc Reis vessel to the Greek continental shelf and reopen the beach front town of Varosha, have been met with international disapproval. Germany and the US strongly criticized Turkey’s actions, while the Greek Prime Minister sent a strict warning to the Ankara.

We will not go into talks under these circumstances. At the recent Summit, we offered a very clear choice to Turkey, but unfortunately it seems that it has chosen the path that leads to sanctions, noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as he received the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

The Greek Prime Minister is expected to raise the issue at the summit on Thursday and Friday.

“What Turkey is doing is against the spirit of what we agreed on”, said the German Foreign minister and added that his decision to not visit Ankara, as he had originally planned, reflects in practice the solidarity and support that Greece has from the EU and Germany.

Later on, in a Twitter post, Mr. Maas said that we need direct talks rather than provocation from Turkey.

The US supports the efforts for de-escalation in the Eastern Mediterranean and continues to demand dialogue and respect for international law. They have even called on Ankara to stop the “pre-planned challenge” and start immediate exploratory talks with Greece.

The State Department described the pseudo-state’s decision to open the Varosha beach front as provocative and counterproductive and called for its revocation.