In a provocative statement, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy called on Greece “to respect those of different religions and cultures” and accused our country of “violating the rights of refugees and migrants”.

The Greek Foreign Ministry’s immediate response was that “those who were condemned by the international community for instrumentalizing human suffering to serve political expediencies have obviously no right to school anyone in human rights,” while noting that “Greece remains open to dialogue, however, it is unwilling to cooperate in legitimizing Turkish persistent delinquency. “

In an effort to escalate provocations, the Turkish President announced that today, May 29 (anniversary of the city’s 1453 conquest by Ottoman troop, and as part of the return to normalcy after the pandemic, the Quran will be read from inside the Hagia Sophia.

At the same time, the Greek forces in Evros are on alert and patrols have been stepped up, while helicopters, drones and cameras are being used to control movement on the opposite side.