The release of the latest NAVTEX by Turkey for exploration in the Aegean is a matter of concern, a move that undermines the climate pending a date for the 62nd round of exploratory talks.

Ankara announced that from today, February 18th until March 2nd, it will launch the oceanographic vessel “CESME” in order to carry out research in areas between Lemnos, Skyros and Alonissos. The new directive may not concern seismic surveys but hydrographic ones, however they concern an area in the center of the Aegean, in international waters, with the neighbor disputing the relevant competence of Greece for the issuance of NAVTEX.

“Our country fully respects the fundamental rule of the NATO Treaty and the United Nations Charter, for the peaceful settlement of any dispute under international law, as well as the avoidance of provocative actions that are contrary to the principles of the alliance,” stressed National Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos , participating yesterday in the first day of the meeting of NATO Defense Ministers.

Greek minister highlighted the importance of EU cooperation. – NATO to further strengthen the transatlantic link, the momentum given to this cooperation by the new US administration, as well as the need for a mutual understanding of the threats facing member states.

Grigoris Tatsis