The duration and consistency in the abstention of challenges, requested by Athens and the EU from Ankara, is interrupted again by a series of navtex for Turkish exercises in areas of the northern Aegean, east of Mount Athos, but also in the sea area between Rhodes- Kastelorizo ​​and south of the island complex from 11 to 14 January.

These are areas where the responsibility for issuing naval instructions belongs to Greece.

Meanwhile on  Wednesday 6/1/2021  in the area of ​​Imia – where  the fishing season for sea bream opens – a boat of the Turkish Coast Guard tried to beat back  Greek boats and to facilitate Turkish.

The Greek fishermen called the port that arrived immediately.

During the maneuvers, the Turkish vessel collided with  the Coast Guard vessel and caused minor damages.

According to its usual tactics, the Turkish Coast Guard made the provocative claim that the Greek vessels were not in Greek territorial waters.