The European Center for Open Innovation, Science and Culture in partnership with Absolute Value International Consulting Group Ltd is officially launching the Annual World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium on the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

The Symposium is under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, and constitutes a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals promoting “Education 2030” focused on SDG 4.7 as well as SDG 17.

All the activities of the Symposium will take place in Ancient Olympia, Greece. The Symposium Center is the International Olympic Academy and the duration of the Symposium is 5 days, 19 – 23 April 2018.


In the Annual World Cultural Heritage Youth Symposium are welcome to participate teachers and students (older than 12 years – Junior High School, Gymnasium) of:
1. member schools of the UNESCO Associated School Project Network (ASPnet)
2. World schools and member schools of the International Baccalaureate Organization
3. universities
4. educational or cultural organizations and associations from all around the world.

The Symposium aims at bringing students from all over the world in contact with the ancient Greek culture and civilization, helping them meet and understand different cultures and offering them the opportunity to present their own countries’ culture (the tangible and intangible heritage aspects) as well as their ideas, and to turn cultural diversity into a power for peace, security and development for all.

The official language of the Symposium is English.

All details of the World Cultural Youth Symposium are included on the official site